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How Positive Language Can Help You Become an Effective Youth BJJ Coach

Mar 07, 2023

How Positive Language Can Help You Become an Effective Youth BJJ Coach

Are you a youth BJJ coach looking for ways to become more effective in the classroom? One of the best tools at your disposal is positive language. Not only does focusing on what you want students to do, rather than what you don't, make it more likely that they’ll perform well, but it will also save you time by redirecting their attention to the correct actions. Additionally, using positive language can help build rapport and encourage students to challenge themselves and stay on task. Let's explore some of the benefits of positive language in this blog post and learn how to become a “Good Finder".

Focus On What You Want Students To Do

When instructing your students, whether it be a technical detail or a behaviour expectation, focus on what you want them to do. For example, instead of saying "don't look down" when performing a double leg takedown, try saying "keep your eyes looking straight ahead". This type of direction not only makes it more likely that they will perform well but will also cut out any extra details that may distract them from the task at hand. By keeping your instructions concise and specific, it becomes easier for students to understand and execute.

Save Time with Redirection

Using positive language also helps save time by redirecting student attention back to the correct actions if they become distracted or confused. Instead of explaining why something isn't working or why someone isn't doing something correctly (which could take several minutes), tell them exactly what needs to be done in order for them to succeed (which usually takes less than one minute). This not only ensures that your instruction is clear but also gives students more time for practice and success!

Build Rapport Through Good Finding

Positive language can have a huge impact on student motivation as well. When we use only negative words or phrases like “no” or “don’t” we are essentially telling our students “you are wrong” which can lead to feelings of shame or embarrassment. On the other hand, when we focus on what is right - even if there is still room for improvement - our students feel encouraged and motivated to keep going. This technique is known as “good finding" and can help foster positive relationships between coaches and athletes while building intrinsic motivation among students.

In conclusion, using positive language as a youth BJJ coach has many benefits; from making sure that our instruction is clear and concise to helping us build rapport with our athletes so that they are motivated to achieve success. It also saves us time by redirecting student attention back onto the correct actions if necessary without taking too much away from practice time. As coaches, let's all strive towards becoming "Good Finders" when interacting with our students! With this approach we can ensure that everyone feels supported while increasing performance levels in class!


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