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A Quick Guide to Building a Youth BJJ Class Planner

Mar 07, 2023

A Quick Guide to Building a Youth BJJ Class Planner 


Are you a youth BJJ coach looking for ways to up your class game? If so, then having a comprehensive class planner is essential. The key components of an effective class plan include warm-ups, games-based drills, sparring, and games for fun. This blog post will explore the importance of each component and how they come together to create an enjoyable and engaging BJJ class structure that your students will love. 



An effective warm-up should be both safe and enjoyable for all participants. We recommend having half of the warm-up consist of basic calisthenics that remain consistent week after week; this allows the students to become familiar with the exercises while still providing new challenges each time they participate in the class. The other half should vary each week, allowing you to introduce different activities or movements that can help build skills over time. 


Games-Based Drills:

Games-based drills are an important part of any youth BJJ program. These drills can focus on key positions like guard, standing, turtle, etc., and should also work on developing an understanding of the core goals for both the top and bottom players in each position. As with all activities involving children, it’s important to keep these drills engaging by switching up the pace and introducing new win conditions when possible. 



Sparring should be continuous with no set “win condition” other than getting a submission on an opponent when possible (similar to actual competition). This will ensure that students develop their skills quickly and get used to grappling with different opponents under match-like conditions. 


Games for Fun:

Finally, no youth BJJ program would be complete without some fun games! Classic games like 4-corners or freeze tag are always popular with kids, but grappling specific games can also provide unique opportunities for learning and skill development as well as fun competition between peers. Be sure to mix it up so students have something new to look forward to each week! 


Having a comprehensive class planner is essential if you want to deliver a high-quality youth BJJ class that is both fun and builds skills over time. A consistent structure keeps students engaged while allowing them opportunities for growth along their journey towards becoming successful grapplers down the road! With these four components (warm-ups, games-based drills, sparring, and games for fun), coaches can ensure their classes remain fresh while still providing structured instruction—the perfect combination!


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